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Ameliorative effect of protein and calcium on fluoride-induced hepatotoxicity in rabbits

Zhanxue Liang, Ruiyan Niu, Jinming Wang, Hongwei Wang, Zilong Sun, Jundong Wang


To investigate whether protein (Pr) or calcium (Ca) supplementation could ameliorate hepatic damage induced by excessive fluoride (F); thirty-two 30-day-old healthy New Zealand rabbits were randomly divided into four groups (female: male = 1:1). The four groups were maintained on distilled water and fed the following diets for 120 days: (1) a malnutrition control (MC) diet (8.58% Pr, 0.49% Ca); (2) the MC diet plus HiF (high fluoride in their diet, 200 mg F ion/kg from NaF); (3) a Ca deficient MC diet plus HiPr+HiF (0.46% Ca, 18.41% Pr, plus HiF); and (4) a Pr deficient MC diet plus HiCa+HiF (2.23% Ca, 8.35% Pr, plus HiF). Results show that in HiF group, the serum total Pr (TPr) and albumin (ALB) content significantly decreased, whereas both Pr and Ca rich diets significantly enhanced their levels. In liver, low superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) activities, high malondialdehyde (MDA) content, and evident mitochondria lesions in HiF group indicated a significant oxidative stress, while Pr or Ca supplementation brought an ultrastructural repair and a recovery antioxidant defense in liver. The findings in the present work implied the ameliorative effects of Pr or Ca supplementation on F-induced hepatotoxicity in rabbits.

Keywords: Fluoride, hepatotoxicity, malnutrition, calcium supplementation, protein supplementation
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