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Phylogenetic relationships in genus Gloriosa L.

Alfred Maroyi


In an attempt to test the monophyly of the genus Gloriosa L., the chloroplast region trnL-trnF sequences were employed using Baeometra uniflora, Hexacyrtis dickiana, Neodregea glassii, Onixotis punctata, Onixotis stricta, Ornithoglossum parviflorum, Ornithoglossum undulatum, Ornithoglossum viride, Ornithoglossum vulgare and Sandersonia aurantiaca as an outgroup. Results of maximum parsimony analysis reveal that Gloriosa is a well supported clade with the inclusion of genus Littonia Hook. The phylogenetic analysis resolves Littonia modesta Hook. as sister to the main clade of Littonia revoilii Franch. nested within Gloriosa sensu stricto species. Within the main clade, L. revoilii and Gloriosa baudii (Terracc.) Chiov. form a well supported clade. Both species are near-endemics, occurring in east Africa with L. revoilii extending into south Yemen. The third clade comprises species of the Gloriosa superba L. complex and Gloriosa sessiliflora Nordal & Bingham. These three lineages are also strongly supported by ecological, geographical and morphological characters.

Key words: Colchicaceae, Gloriosa, maximum parsimony analysis, phylogenetic relationships, trnL-trnF.

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