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Physicochemical characterization of Quassia undulata seed oil for biodiesel production

Wanen Iko, Sabinus Oscar O. Eze


In many parts of the world, there is a surplus of traditional crops and a continuous search for break and new crops, including some which produce useful oils. Quassia undulata seed oil is such an attractive resource. This present research was carried out to assess the physicochemical properties of the oil from Q. undulata seeds extracted using normal-hexane as solvent. Q. undulata seeds had a high yield comparable to those of palm fruit and cotton seed. The physicochemical characterization indicated specific gravity (1.099), iodine value (132.78), acid value (3.759) and peroxide value (6.756). The values obtained from Q. undulata were uniquely different from common vegetable oils but with a superior combination of properties to suit a promising industrial process such as biodiesel production.

Keywords: Quassia undulata, physicochemical properties, vegetable oil, biodiesel production

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