Review: Microbial degradation of toluene

  • M Gopinath
  • R Dhanasekar
Keywords: Toluene, biodegradation, microorganism, health hazards, bioreactor


Zephirus environment is polluted by the toluene from profuse range industries. In spite of positive potential application, toluene results in many mishaps especially health hazards; hence amputation of toluene is crucial for human welfare as well as environmental issues. This review deals with destruction of toluene using microbial degradation. The overall aerobic biodegradation of toluene into carbon dioxide, water and biomass by bacteria, fungi and mixed culture has been studied comprehensively. Biodegradation technique has a promising prospective for the reason that it results in effective and economical treatment than traditional techniques. The amputation of toluene contributes to an assortment of various techniques utilized at various levels of investigation which are characterized based on quantification techniques. A comparison of the removal capacity based on continuous and batch mode of operations was studied proficiently. This methodology opens up a window for future exploration in field of biodegradation of toluene.

Key words: Toluene, biodegradation, microorganism, health hazards, bioreactor.


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eISSN: 1684-5315