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A DHHC-type zinc finger protein gene regulates shoot branching in Arabidopsis

Jing Xiang, Jianzhong Lin, Dongying Tang, Bo Zhou, Ming Guo, Reqing He, Xingqun Huang, Xiaoying Zhao, Xuanming Liu


Formation of plant architecture is a complicated biological phenomenon and is influenced by a variety of factors such as genotype, hormone, environment and nutrition. In this study, an activation-tagging mutant, scc10-D (suppressor of cry1cry2) grown in long-day (16-h light/8-h dark) condition showed enhanced shoot branching. The mRNA expression of six genes adjacent to the T-DNA insertion locus were analyzed by reverse  transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), and the transcript level of a DHHC-type zinc finger protein gene, At5g04270, was found to increase markedly in the scc10-D mutant. The At5g04270 gene was then cloned and over-expressed in Arabidopsis. It was found that the At5g04270 over-expression lines had the features of enhanced shoot branching, while the T-DNA mutant of At5g04270 gene, SALK_006515, showed decreased shoot branching when compared to the wild type (WT). These results suggest that At5g04270 plays an important role in regulating shoot branching in Arabidopsis.

Key words: Arabidopsis, DHHC-type zinc finger protein, At5g04270, shoot branching.

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