The isolation and characterization of twelve novel microsatellite loci from Haliotis ovina

  • Zhongbao Li
  • Xinjiang Tian
  • Yuanyu Cao
  • Guiling Zhang
  • Zhihong Zhang
  • Lina Chen
  • Xiaojiao Chen
Keywords: Genetic markers, Haliotis ovina, microsatellites


Twelve (12) microsatellite loci were developed from Haliotis ovina by magnetic bead hybridization method. Genetic variability was assessed using 30 individuals from three wild populations. The number of alleles per locus was from 2 to 5 and polymorphism information content was from 0.1228 to 0.6542. The observed and expected heterozygosities ranged from 0.0000 to 0.7778 and 0.1288 to 0.6310, respectively. These loci should provide useful information for genetic studies such as genetic diversity, pedigree analysis, construction of genetic linkage maps and marker-assisted selection breeding in H. ovina.

Key words: Genetic markers, Haliotis ovina, microsatellites.


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eISSN: 1684-5315