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Mycoherbicidal potential of <i>Alternaria alternata</i> for management of <i>Chenopodium album</i> under field condition

Iffat Siddiqui
Rukhsana Bajwa
Arshad Javaid


A field experiment was conducted to evaluate the mycoherbicidal potential of Alternaria alternata to control Chenopodium album L., a problematic weed of wheat. Two wheat cultivars viz. Inqalab 91 and Punjab 96 were co-cultivated with C. album in 1:1 crop-weed ratio. Mycoherbicidal formulation was prepared in 20% canola oil emulsion with 107 conidia mL-1 of A. alternata. The mycoherbicidal formulation was sprayed at 2 - 3 and then at 4 - 5 leaf stage of the weed. Application of mycoherbicide significantly reduced the biomass of the target weed species up to 90%. Mycoherbicidal application significantly enhanced number of fertile tillers and 100 grains weight in both wheat cultivars. As a result of mycoherbicidal application, root and shoot biomass was significantly increased in cv. Inqalab 91 but not in cv. Punjab 96. The present study concludes that application of A. alternata in 20% canola oil can reduced growth of C. album resulting in enhanced growth and yield of wheat.

Key words: Alternaria alternata, canola oil emulsion, Chenopodium album, mycoherbicide.

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eISSN: 1684-5315