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Comparison of α, β and total ODAP (β-N-oxalyl-L-ά,β- diamino propionic acid) contents in winter- and springsown grasspea (<i>Lathyrus sativus</i> L.) genotypes

Yasar Karadag
Omer Isıldak
Mahfuz Elmastas
Musa Yavuz


There is a strong relationship between the consumption of grasspea (Lathyrus sativus L.) and “lathyrism” disease caused by a neurotoxin, β-N-oxalyl-L-a,β-diaminopropionoc acid called ODAP or BOAA. The objective of this study was to compare α, β and total ODAP found in grasspea genotypes sown in winter and spring seasons during 2007/08 and grown under rainy conditions in semi-arid regions of Turkey. Biochemical compounds of α, β and total ODAP were found to be higher in springsown grass peas than those of winter-sown ones. Grasspea 452, 508 and 519 genotypes had lower β- ODAP levels in winter- and spring-sown.

Key words: Grasspea, α-ODAP, β-ODAP: 3-(-N-oxalyl)-L-2,3-diamino propionic acid.

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eISSN: 1684-5315