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Screening of oleaginous yeast with xylose assimilating capacity for lipid and bio-ethanol production

Ming-xiong He
Qichun Hu
Xinhua Gou
Xinying Liu
Qing Li
Ke Pan
Qili Zhu
Jin Wu


Microbial oil is a promising new biodiesel resource, which have great potential in industrial-scale production. In our preliminary study, 57 oleaginous yeast with xylose assimilating capacity were isolated from 13 soil samples, 16 strains were identified as potential lipid biomass producer. Four strains which showed higher lipid content were used for further ethanol fermentation at different conditions. Strain 9-44 belonging to Pichia guillermondii showed the highest ethanol production (21.91 g/l), and the theoretical ethanol yield was 85.90%. Our study will be of great significance for coupling of lipid and bio-ethanol production, and also provide a choice of cellulocis biomass utilization.

Key words: Microbial oil, oleaginous yeast, Pichia guillermondii, bio-ethanol, cellulocis biomass.

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eISSN: 1684-5315