Plants’ responses to drought and shade environments

  • Min Young Kwon
  • Su Young Woo
Keywords: Drought, plant, shade, water


Water and light are the most important environements for plants’ growth. These environemts are critical factors needed not only for the survival of plants but also their production. When plants are exposed to drought condition, they change in their anatomical, physiological and biochemical properties. Drought affects plants wildly from their cell structure to growth. It causes higher plastoglobuli, lower starch grain, distortion of thylakoids, disrupted grana and swelling of chloroplast. Plants grown under enhanced light, have increased palisade parenchyma, thicker leaf, higher biomass, increased photosynthesis, lower contents of chlorophyll, carotenoid and nitrogen.

Keywords: Drought, plant, shade, water


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eISSN: 1684-5315