Chlorophyll meter reading and total nitrogen content applied as topdressing in parts of the crambe plant

  • Ana Claudia Mascarello
  • Tiago Roque Benetoli da Silva
  • Beatriz Tomé Gouveia
  • Daiane Bernardi
  • Deonir Secco
  • Reginaldo Ferreira Santos
  • Charline Zaratin Alves
Keywords: Nitrogen (N), chlorophyll meter, topdressing


The present study was aimed to assess the relationship between the reading of the chlorophyll meter and the total nitrogen (N) content in the leaf in different parts of the crambe plant, depending on the doses of nitrogen applied to the canopy. Randomized block design in a split plot experimental design was used. The plots were composed by five levels of topdressing with nitrogen and the subplots composed of three parts of the plant. The analyzed variables were the values of the simple handheld devices to measure chlorophyll index (SPAD) and N content in the leaf. The nitrogen levels were found to influence the total chlorophyll and nitrogen contents, but there was no correlation between chlorophyll and N contents in the crambe. The middle third of the plant during early flowering was found to be the most suitable location for the analysis of foliar nitrogen in the crambe.

Keywords: Nitrogen (N), chlorophyll meter, topdressing


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315