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Detection of extracellular enzymatic activity in microorganisms isolated from waste vegetable oil contaminated soil using plate methodologies

Eugenia G. Ortiz Lechuga, Isela Quintero Zapata, Katiushka Arévalo Niño


In the present study, from a total of 100 strains isolated from waste vegetable oil contaminated soil, 38 bacterial and 14 fungi strains that presented positive lipolytic activity were obtained by detection through Rhodamine B Agar 0.02% w/v as a screening method. Additionally, two other enzymatic activities were determined. Positive proteolytic activity was evaluated in Casein Hydrolysis Agar and chitinolytic activity was identified by change in coloration in Bromocresol Purple Agar. Using these methodologies, we were able to report 18 microorganisms with two enzymatic activities and 6 microorganisms with all three enzymatic activities, thereby establishing these techniques as suitable and fast approaches for detection and semi-quantification of extracellular enzymatic activity.

Keywords: Enzyme, lipases, proteases, chitinases, rhodamine B, soil
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