Histological and biochemical evaluations of the liver and kidney of Wistar rats fed with fish meal of Sarotherodon melanotheron captured with Tephrosia vogelii’s powder

  • Dougnon Tossou Jacques
  • Kpodekon T. Marc
  • Houessionon M. Jedirfort
  • Kiki S. Pascal
Keywords: Tephrosia vogelii, ichtyotoxic, Wistar rat


To evaluate the toxicity of fish captured with Tephrosia Vogelii (TV), an ichtyotoxic plant, the Wistar albino rats were fed with the flour of tilapias Sarotherodon melanotheron poisoned with TV leaves powder. This study aimed to evaluate the poisonous effects of TV on various organs of rats, especially the liver and kidney. Three groups of Wistar rats were constituted and fed for 28 days. Histological sections were done on the liver and kidneys. Plasmatic levels of alanine aminotransaminase (ALAT) and aspartate aminotransaminase (ASAT) were measured. The histological sections carried out on their organs presented no lesions. However, the biochemical parameters, ALAT and ASAT showed a slight change. This study shows that the ingestion of fish poisoned with T. vogelii does not provoke any digestive lesion in Wistar rats, but the slight changes in biochemical parameters makes it foreseeable to prohibit fishing with T. vogelii and to prevent their consumption by humans.

Keywords: Tephrosia vogelii, ichtyotoxic, Wistar rat


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eISSN: 1684-5315