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Effect of sunlight shielding on leaf structure and amino acids concentration of light sensitive albino tea plant

KR Wang, NN Li, YY Du, YR Liang


Light sensitive albino tea cultivar ‘Jinguang’ (Camellia sinensis) which grows albinism leaf in yellow colour, results to high level of amino acids but low levels of photosynthetic pigments including chlorophylls, neoxanthin, violaxanthin, phytoxanthin and β-carotene when it is exposed to high sunlight illumination in the summer season. In this case, the chloroplasts showed partially lysed, with few thylakoids. The leaf albinism was reverted when the leaf was shielded from direct illumination of strong sunlight. It is considered that the blocked development of chloroplast and photosynthetic pigments in the albinism leaf inhibited the biosynthesis of leaf proteins, resulting in an accumulation of free amino acids.

Keywords: Camellia sinensis, leaf albinism, light intensity, photosynthetic pigments, amino acids, chloroplast

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 12(36), pp. 5535-5539

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