African Journal of Biotechnology

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Study of seasonal sexual activity variations in Algerian rams: Sexual behaviour, testosterone concentration control and environmental factors

AR Benia, K Taibi, A Ait-Amrane, T Belhamiti, SM Hammoudi, R Kaidi


This study focuses on the determination of seasonal effect on two main andrological sexual activity parameters within young and adults rams of Rembi breed from Algeria for a period of one year. The experiment involved a weekly evaluation of males’ sexual behaviour and a monthly measurement of serum testosterone concentration in order to know the main testicular endocrine activity. The purpose of this experiment was to assess better the characteristics of the reproductive activity between two categories of rams age-wise and to define the variations and interactions between the two parameters during each season. Data shows no statistically significant effect of age on the testosterone concentration but showed a highly significant difference between age groups in terms of sexual behaviour. Seasonal variations of the studied parameters were statistically significant in both ram ages with higher values during spring and autumn and lower values during summer and winter.

Keywords: Rembi, ram, testosterone, sexual activity, season, age.

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 12(41), pp. 6042-6048
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