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Conversion of masonia tree sawdust and cotton plant by product into feed by white rot fungus (Pleurotus sajor caju)

M A Belewu


The influence of fungus treatment on the biochemical composition and degradation patter of sawdust and cotton plant by-products (cotton burns and cotton gin trash) by Pleurotus sajor caju were evaluated. Lignin degradation increased as the incubation period progressed while the highest loss of hemicellulose, cellulose, acid detergent fibre, neutral detergent fibre were recorded for treated cotton plant by-product. The nutrient availability was superior in the fungus treated cotton plant by-product substrate compared to the treated sawdust. The process efficiency was highest for the treated sawdust than the treated cotton plant by-product, while the loss of organic matter was similar in the cotton plant by-product and sawdust. Correlation between the dry matter of the treated sawdust and cotton plant by-product gave a positive response. It is concluded that such biodelignification and the concurrent percentages increase in nutrient availability indicate that culturing of P. sajor caju on cotton plant byproduct ands saw dust may in fact improve the nutritive value of such lignocellulosic waste.

Key words: Sawdust, cotton plant, by-product, Pleurotus sajor caju biodelignification, nutrient availability.

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