New chromosome numbers in the genus Trigonella L. (Fabaceae)from Turkey

  • E Martin
  • H Akan
  • M Ekici
  • Z Aytaç
Keywords: Chromosome number, Leguminosae, Trigonella


Somatic chromosome numbers of 45 Trigonella L. (Fabaceae), collected from different localities in Turkey was examined. Chromosome numbers were determined as 2n = 14, 16, 30 and 46. B chromosome was also observed in somatic cells of some taxa (Trigonella arcuata C.A. Meyer and Trigonella procumbens (Besser) Reichb.). In addition, one or two satellites were observed in some taxa (Trigonella lunata Boiss., Trigonella velutina Boiss., Trigonella strangulata Boiss., Trigonella crassipes Boiss. and Trigonella cariensis Boiss.).

Keywords: Chromosome number, Leguminosae, Trigonella


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315