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Isolation and identification of fungal species from dried date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) fruits sold in Maiduguri metropolis

S Colman, THI Spencer, PE Ghamba, E Colman


A total of 360 dried date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) fruits were collected from hawkers, shops and market places within Maiduguri metropolis for the detection of the presence of fungal species. Investigation was based on cultural, microscopically and biochemical tests. Of the 327 (90.83%) fungal isolates recovered on Sabouraud dextrose agar (SDA), Aspergillus niger had the highest percentage of occurrence (39.17%), followed by Aspergillus flavus (17.60%), Mucor species (16.67%), Aspergillus fumigatus (12.50%), Trychophyton rubrum (4.16%), while Candida albicans had the least percentage of occurrences of (0.83%). There is need therefore to appropriately treat this fruit before consumption, to minimize possible mycotic infection.

Keywords: Isolation, fungi, date palm, Phoenix dactylifera, Maiduguri
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