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A endophytic fungus, Ramichloridium cerophilum, promotes growth of a non-mycorrhizal plant, Chinese cabbage

Ling Xie, Erika Usui, Kazuhiko Narisawa


A fungal endophyte, Ramichloridium cerophilum, was identified as a Class 2 endophytes species obtained from the leaf of common sowthistle (Sonchus oleraceus L). This fungus was found to grow endophylically in the roots of Chinese cabbage seedlings. Light microscopy of cross-sections of colonized Chinese cabbage roots showed that the fungus penetrates through the outer epidermal cells, grows further into the inner cortex, and colonizes the cortical tissue. Isolates of R. cerophilum 28L-9 have shown the ability to increase biomass of a nonmycorrhizal plant, Chinese cabbage. This finding is the first report of R. cerophilum could help to improve nonmycorrhizal plant.

Keywords: Ramichloridium cerophilum, endophytic fungus, Chinese cabbage, plant growth promoting
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