A novel sampler for limnological investigation in developing world

  • Nkechinyere O. Nweze
Keywords: Sampler, lentic, limnology, shallow water.


A simple pump sampler for shallow water bodies, constructed with materials that are affordable and readily available in the local market is presented. It is simple to operate and no electric motor is required. The challenge of cost of acquisition of conventional samplers for sampling the lentic habitat, especially small water bodies such as small natural lakes, rivers, streams and reservoirs for fisheries and water treatment facilities is minimised. The device can collect samples with ease, from various depths, up to five metres. The sampler consists of a manual suction pump produced from a hand bicycle pump-connected to a series of sample bottles by plastic delivery tubes. Samples were taken into the sample bottles by suction via a calibrated transparent plastic hose lowered to the required sampling depth.

Key words: Sampler, lentic, limnology, shallow water.


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eISSN: 1684-5315