Molecular distribution of gypsy-like retrotransposons in cotton Gossypium Spp.

  • Essam A. Zaki
  • Abdel Ghany A. Abdel Ghany


PCR primers specific for conserved domains of the reverse transcriptase (RT) genes of gypsy-like retrotransposons amplified their corresponding gene in two Gossypium barbadense cultivars. Analysis with the FASTA software showed a high DNA sequence homology to pine, gypsy LTR-retrotransposon. Using the PCR product as a hybridization probe, gypsy-like retrotransposons were detected in wild type species of Gossypium, suggesting that gypsy-like retrotransposons are present in the Gossypium genome. This supports the view that gypsy-like retrotransposons are major components of plant genomes. Our results suggest gypsy-like retrotransposons have played a fundamental role in the shaping and evolution of the Gossypium genome.

(African Journal of Biotechnology: 2003 2(5): 124-128)

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315