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Farmer's knowledge and perception of horticultural insect pest problems in southwestern Nigeria

AD Banjo
OA Lawal
OE Fapojuwo
EA Songonuga


This survey was carried out in three states of southwestern Nigeria (Ogun, Oyo and Lagos states) on farmer's perception of horticultural insect pest problems. The survey was conducted between August 2002 and January 2003. A large number of the farmers were above 25 years old (91%). They were predominantly male (73%) and about 76% were married. Some farmers cultivate both tree and vegetables (36.5%) while a few of them plant trees, vegetable and ornamentals together (5.4%). Whilst 89% were aware of insect pest problems, only 35% used chemical treatment even though about 79% thought that pest damage ranged from mild to severe. Majority of the farmers adopt diverse number of traditional methods in pest control.

Key words: Farmers, pests, horticultural crops, vegetable, control

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol.2(11) 2003: 434-437