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Study on transformation of cowpea trypsin inhibitor gene into cauliflower (<i>Brassica oleracea</i> L. var. <i>botrytis</i>)

Lv Lingling
Lei Jianjun
Song Ming
Li Liyun
Cao Bihao


Cowpea Trypsin Inhibitor (CpTI) gene was transferred into cauliflower by agrobacterium-mediated transformation method, and 14 transgenic cauliflower plants were obtained. Cotyledons and hypocotyls were used as explants. The putative transformants were assayed by PCR and Southern blotting analysis. The results indicated that CpTI gene was transferred into cauliflower successfully. The result of preliminary insect-resistant assay showed that the transgenic plants were more resistant to Pieris rapae than non-transgenic plants.

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African Journal of Biotechnology Vol.4(1) 2005: 45-49

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eISSN: 1684-5315