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The Influence of seed treatments and growing media on seedling growth and development of African walnut, Plukenetia conophorum

R K Egharevba, M I Ikhatua, C Kalu


A nursery trial was conducted to investigate the effects of seed treatments and soil type growing media on the germination and growth of Plukenetia conophorum. The factors considered included seed treatments with hot water at 90°C, warm water at 60°C, overnight soaking in cold water and scarification. Soil type media were humus+manure and topsoil+manure at a 2:1 ratio. The results showed that the types of nursery media used were significant only on seedling growth but not on germination. However, the seed treatments have significant effects on germination and growth of the crop. Topsoil produced superior plant growth in terms of plant height, collar girth and leaf number. Scarification and overnight soaking in cold water produced best quality seedlings.

Key words: Plukenetia conophorum, seed treatment, growing media, top soil, humus, under-exploited fruit.
African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 4 (8), pp. 808-811

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