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Production of a new anti-A monoclonal reagent

Fouad Sadiq, Ahmed Tissent, Norddine Habti, Driss Radallah, Najat El Amrani, Noufissa Benchemsi


Monoclonal antibodies are essential tools in molecular and cellular immunology research. They have essentially replaced the polyclonal antibodies in identifying blood groups and detecting cell markers and pathogenic agents. The aim of the present study is to produce monoclonal antibody identifying the ABO blood groups using the murine hybridoma technology. An anti-A monoclonal antibody A907 was selected and estimated for its use in the manufacture of a reagent anti-A. The selected antibody specifically reacts with A1, A2/sub>, A1B and A2B erythrocytes. It does not recognize B, O, A3 and Ax erythrocytes. The A907 monoclonal antibody can be used in blood grouping in association with a reagent recognizing the A weak phenotypes.

Key words: Anti-A monoclonal antibodies, murine myeloma cells, haemagglutination.
African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 4 (8), pp. 844-846

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