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Growth response and survival of Heterobranchus longifilis fingerlings fed at different feeding frequencies

OA Davies, MB Inko- Tariah, D Amachree


In an effort to utilize feed efficiently, promote growth, increase survival and reduce labour costs associated with feeding, Heterobranchus longifilis  ingerlings were placed on one of four feeding frequencies; once/day, twice/day; once every other day, and twice every other day for 56 days. They
were fed with a commercial floating diet containing 40% crude protein level. They were reared in twelve 14 L plastic aquaria, with 3 aquaria/treatment under laboratory conditions. Each aquarium contained 10 fingerlings. The growth parameters except relative growth rate (RGR) were significantly different for fishes receiving the different treatments. Survival was not significantly different among treatments except for fingerlings fed once every other day. The study suggests that the fingerlings of Heterobrachus longifilis should be fed twice daily for higher growth performance

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