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Dietary potentials of the edible larvae of Cirina forda (westwood) as a poultry feed

OO Oyegoke, AJ Akintola, JO Fasoranti


An experiment was conducted to determine the performance of broiler chicks to the replacement of fishmeal with the larvae of Cirina forda. Three diets, namely Diet A (100% C. forda larvae and 0% Fish meal); Diet B (50% C. forda larvae and 50% Fish meal); and Diet C, which was the control (100% Fish meal and 0% C. forda larvae) were compounded and fed to the birds. The results showed that the consumption rate, the mean weight gain and specific growth rate of birds fed with Diets A and B did not
differ significant (P > 0.05) when compared with the control. The potentials of the edible C. forda larvae as a protein source, which can replace and elicit similar growth trends in broiler chicks like the protein present in conventional fish meal, are discussed.

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