Macropropagation of Ocimum gratissimum,/i> L: A multi purpose medicinal plant in Nigeria

  • JE Ehiagbonare
Keywords: Ocimum gratissimum, macropropagation, medicinal plant.


The purpose of this study was to determine optimum macropropagation method for Ocimum gratissimum, a multi purpose medicinal plant. The result showed that significant differences exist as influenced by seed sowing depth and type of soil. Seed sown at 1 cm depth in humus rich topsoil had 80% germination as against 26.3% from river sand of the same sowing depth. The surface sowing in humus rich topsoil had 33.3% while 23.3% was obtain from surface sowing in river sand. The total plant height was 30.6 cm from humus rich topsoil and 27.4 cm from river sand. Other parameters are mean number of leaf production which was 24.0±0.05 from humus rich topsoil and 12.0±0.04 from river sand both from seedlings of 1 cm depth of sowing. For seedlings from surface sowing mean leaf production was 20.8±0.02 and 10.07±0.01 from humus rich topsoil and river sand, respectively. Evidence from the study led to the conclusion that humus rich topsoil and seed sowing depth of 1 cm are the most suitable method(s) of propagating O. gratissimum.

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eISSN: 1684-5315