Dehalogenation and decolorization of wheat strawbased bleachery effluents by Penicillium camemberti

  • BK Taseli
Keywords: Straw, bleaching, adsorbable organic halogens, pulping, Penicillium camemberti.


This paper examined the capability of Penicillium camemberti to dechlorinate and decolorize wheat straw-based pulping and bleaching effluents. In batch tests, the highest removals for CEH (Chlorination-Extraction-Hypochlorite) bleaching sequence [65% organic halides (AOX) 84% color] were obtained with 2 g/l acetate concentration in 10 days under non-shaking conditions. Experiments in shaking flasks containing Tween 80 produced 60% AOX, 79% color removals in 10 days. This removal efficiency was also in accord with gas chromatography analysis indicating drastic reductions at low molecular weight adsorbable organic halogen compounds.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315