Population, seasonal abundance, Dockovdia oruensis infection and other parasites of Potadoma moerchi in southwestern Nigeria

  • OM Agbolade
  • T Gledhill
  • OT Fajebe
  • OM Abolade
  • TM Olateju
Keywords: Dockovdia oruensis, Potadoma moerchi, Chaetogaster limnaei, trematode infection, water mite, Nigeria.


Dockovdia oruensis and some other infections were studied in relation to the population and seasonal abundance of Potadoma moerchi from three streams in a town endemic for schistosomiasis in Ijebu
North, southwestern Nigeria from November 2002 to October 2003. 72.9% of the total 958 specimens of P. moerchi collected were from Eri-Oru Stream. 55.6% and 100% of the snails from Eri-Oru and Ojupon, respectively, were recorded during dry season. 21.3% of the P. moerchi had D. oruensis infection. Eri-Oru had the highest monthly frequency of D. oruensis infection. P. moerchi specimens in 35 -45 mm size class had the highest prevalence of D. oruensis infection. Intensity of infection ranged from one to 12 mites/snail. One (0.8%) of the P. moerchi specimens in 25 - 35 mm size class collected in January 2003 from Eri-Oru had Chaetogaster limnaei infection. 5.9% (15) and 0.1% (1) of the P. moerchi collected from Ojupon and Eri-Oru respectively had trematode infection. 93.8% of the trematode-infected P. moerchi specimens were in 25-35 mm size class.

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eISSN: 1684-5315