Biodecolorization and biodegradation of Reactive Blue by Aspergillus sp.

  • M Ramya
  • B Anusha
  • S Kalavathy
  • S Devilaksmi
Keywords: Decolorization, degradation, HPLC, Reactive Blue, Aspergillus sp.


Aspergillus sp. effectively decolorized Reactive Blue and other structurally different synthetic dyes. Agitation was found to be an important parameter, while glucose (99%), sucrose (97%) and mannitol (98%) were the best carbon sources for the decolorization. Decolorization was effective in an acidic environment (pH 3). Few chemically different dyes such as Reactive Black (75%), Reactive Yellow (70%), Reactive Red (33%) and Coloron Violet (66%) were decolorized moderately.The dye Coloron Black (9%)
was highly resistant for decolorization by Aspergillus sp. Both spectral analysis and HPLC analysis were confirmatory to degradation.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315