Molecular characterization of some local and exotic Brassica juncea germplasm

  • W Ali
  • I Munir
  • MA Ahmad
  • W Muhammad
  • N Ahmed
  • N Durrishahwar
  • S Ali
  • ZA Swati
Keywords: Rapeseed, Brassica juncea, genetic diversity, RAPD, molecular markers.


The production of Brassica germplasm with a wider genetic base is essential for using them properly in the genetic improvement of rapeseed/mustard. During the present study, different RAPD (Random
Amplified Polymorphic DNA) primers were used to estimate the genetic distances among thirty different genotypes in all possible combinations. Level of genetic polymorphism at DNA level observed during
present study varied, but in general it was in the range of 21.54 to 59.36%. The dissimilarity coefficient matrix of these lines based on the data of four RAPD markers using UPGMA method was also used to
construct a dendrogram. The dendrogram analysis indicated that the lines UCD-319/2, UCD-310/2 and P34/R3 were genetically apart from other lines that can be exploited in a synergistic way to create wider
genetic base in local Brassica germplasm thus augmenting the Brassica breeding program.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315