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Protective role of <i>Phyllantus niruri</i> extract on serum lipid profiles and oxidative stress in hepatocytes of diabetic rats

HU Nwanjo
G Oze
MC Okafor
D Nwosu
P Nwankpa


Diabetes mellitus has been associated with lipid abnormalities and oxidative stress. Some phytochemical properties have been shown to possess antioxidant activities, improving the effects of oxidative stress on diabetes. This present investigations confirmed that untreated diabetic rats were associated with lipid abnormalities as indicated by high levels of total- and LDL-cholesterol, triacylglycerols and low levels of HDL-cholesterol and phospholipids, compared to non-diabetic rats
(control). The aqueous extract of Phyllanthus niruri significantly normalized the serum lipids levels. The study also showed that untreated diabetic rats were subjected to oxidative stress as indicated by significantly abnormal activities of their scavenging enzymes (superoxide dismutase and catalase and significantly low levels of non-enzymic antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E and reduced glutathione) in liver and plasma when compared with controls and in the extent of lipid peroxidation (increased malondialdehyde levels) in plasma and liver cells. The aqueous extract of P. niruri possessed
antioxidant activities as shown by increased activities of enzymic and non-enzymic antioxidants and decrease in malondialdehyde levels.

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eISSN: 1684-5315