Influence of osmotic and metal stresses on nitrogenase activity of cyanobacteria ýsolated from paddy fields

  • G Okmen
  • G Donmez
  • S Donmez
Keywords: Cyanobacteria, nitrogenase activity, isolation, environmental factors.


Samples were collected from paddy fields in Nitrogen-free BG-11 medium was used for isolation of nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria. Acetylene reduction technique was used to determine the effects of different chemical agents on the nitrogenase activities of the cyanobacteria, which were identified at the genus level. Nostoc showed the highest nitrogenase activity (0.09 ethylene ƒÊl/mg.h) at 50 mM salt concentration. At 60 mM sucrose concentration, Nostoc showed the highest nitrogenase activity (0.08 ethylene ƒÊl/mg.h). The highest tolerances for the metals were present in Anabaena (0.006 ethylene ƒÊl/mg.h) for iron (20 ppm), Nodularia 0.1 ethylene ƒÊl/mg.h (for manganese 20 ppm) and Nostoc 0.96 ethylene ƒÊl/mg.h (for zinc 5 ppm) .

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315