Optimization of growth and extracellular glucoamylase production by Candida famata isolate

  • L Mohamed
  • M Zakaria
  • A Ali
  • W Senhaji
  • O Mohamed
  • E Mohamed
  • BEL Hassan
  • J Mohamed
Keywords: Glucoamylase, yeast, optimization, biotechnology, Candida famata.


Candida famata was isolated from traditional Moroccan sourdough. It exhibited high glucoamylase and biomass production. Starch induces high glucoamylase production C. famata with maximum glucoamylase activity at 5 g/L. Glucose stimulates good production in biomass but strongly inhibits
glucoamylase production. Among the sources of nitrogen tested, yeast extract and the (NH4)2HPO4 gave maximum glucoamylase and biomass after 72 h of incubation in liquid medium at 30°C, pH 5 and 105 rpm.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315