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Antibacterial properties of <I>Passiflora foetida</I> L. – a common exotic medicinal plant

C Mohanasundari
D Natarajan
K Srinivasan
S Umamaheswari
A Ramachandran


Passiflora foetida L. (stinking passion flower) is an exotic medicinal vine. The antibacterial properties of leaf and fruit (ethanol and acetone) extracts were screened against four human pathogenic bacteria i.e. Pseudomonas putida, Vibrio cholerae, Shigella flexneri and Streptococcus pyogenes by well-in agar method. The results showed the leaf extract having remarkable activity against all bacterial pathogens compared to fruits. This study supports, the traditional medicines (herbal extracts) to cure many
diseases like diarrhea, intestinal tract, throat, ear infections, fever and skin diseases.