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Toxicological studies and antimicrobial properties of some Iron(III) complexes of Ciprofloxacin

JA Obaleye
CA Akinremi
EA Balogun
JO Adebayo


Two iron(III) complexes of Ciprofloxacin were synthesized by reaction of the ligand with iron(III) chloride hexahydrate in different solutions. The nature of bonding of the ligands and the structure of the isolated metal complexes were elucidated on the basis of their physical and spectroscopic studies. The infrared spectra suggest that two classes of compounds were obtained: molecular complex in which the ligands were bidentately bonded to the metal through the ring carbonyl oxygen and one of the oxygen of the carboxylate group and the ionic complex consisting of a tetrachlorometalate ion which is electrostatically attached to the ligand. The antibacterial activities of the products against various microorganisms were tested and it was established that their activities were comparable with those of their parent drug. Toxicological studies were carried out in which therapeutic doses of the Ciprofloxacin drug and the metal complexes were administered to albino rats and the results showed that the metal complexes are not toxic.