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Influence of gallic and tannic acids on enzymatic activity and growth of Pectobacterium chrysanthemi (Dickeya chrysanthemi bv. chrysanthemi)

R Zaidi –Yahiaoui, F Zaidi, AA Bessai


The effect of phenolic acids (gallic and tannic acids) on growth of Pectobacterium chrysanhemi, and its protease and pectate lyase activities was tested. The results obtained showed a significant inhibiting
effect of the tannic and gallic acids on the growth of this strain. The growth rate decreases in the presence of 400 g/ml for gallic acid and 100 ìg/ml fortannic acid. The enzymatic activity retardation
was observed with the two phenolic compounds as well but the rate of inhibition varied from one compound to another. The highest antimicrobial potentials and the highest effect on enzymatic activities were observed with the tannic acid at 200 g/ml, which inhibited 91% of the tested microorganisms, and 88% of pectate lyase activity.

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