Lectins binding during alloxan-induced diabetes in rat soleus muscle

  • N Gül
  • S Cebesoy
  • N Özsoy
Keywords: Diabetes, alloxan, Wistar rat, soleus muscle, lectin staining


Membrane structural changes of soleus muscle of alloxan-diabetic rats were detected with a panel of six biotinylated lectins. Samples of muscles were obtained from normal and diabetic rats. The biotinylated
lectins in staining were detected by avidin-peroxidase complex. Lectin stainning of soleus muscle cryostat sections from alloxan-diabetic rats were compared with similar cryostat sections from normal
rats. All lectins were bounded to soleus muscle cell membranes of normal and diabetic rats except the Ulex europeus agglutinin I (UEA-I). UEA-I was not stained for cell membranes of soleus muscles of
normal and diabetic rats. But intercellular areas of normal and diabetic soleus muscle were stained for UEA-I. Griffonia simplicifolia I (GS-I) lectin was bounded more strongly to cell membrane of diabetic rats
than other lectins. Not only cell membranes but also cytoplasmic miyofibrills of diabetic muscle cells were stained by Griffonia simplicifolia (GS1) lectin. It was concluded that cell membranes of soleus muscle of diabetic rats were differently stained for lectins than those of normal rats. Our data can supplement on the use of lectins as probes for changes in carbohydrate-containing constituents of the
alloxan-diabetic muscle cell membrane information obtained from normal and diabetic

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eISSN: 1684-5315