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Genetic relationships among West African okra (<i>Abelmoschus caillei</i>) and Asian genotypes (<i>Abelmoschus esculentus</i>) using RAPD

SE Aladele
OJ Ariyo
R de Lapena


Ninety-three accessions of okra which comprises of 50 West African genotypes (Abelmoschus caillei) and 43 Asian genotypes (A. esculentus) were assessed for genetic distinctiveness and relationships
using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD). The molecular analysis showed that all the thirteen primers used revealed clear distinction between the two genotypes. There were more diversity among
the Asian genotypes; this might be due to the fact that they were originally collected from six different countries in the region. Six duplicates accessions were discovered while accession TOT7444 distinguished itself from the other two okra species, an indication which suggests that it might belong to a different species.