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Screening and characterization a RAPD marker of tobacco brown-spot resistant gene

HY Zhang, YM Yang, FS Li, CS He, XZ Liu


Bulk Segregant Analysis (BSA) and Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) methods were used to analyze F2 individuals of 82-3041 × Yunyan 84 to screen and characterize the molecular marker linked to brown-spot resistant gene. A total of 800 arbitrary decamer oligonucleotide primers were used for RAPD analysis. Primer S361, producing one RAPD marker S361650, was tightly linked to the brown-spot resistant gene. Linkage analysis was carried out using marker S361650 on 1042 individuals of F2
progenies from the crossing between 82-3041 × Yunyan 84. The results demonstrated that the genetic distances between S361650 and brown-spot resistant gene was 2.98 cM.

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