The dynamic and ubiquitous nature of biotechnology

  • KO Soetan
Keywords: Dynamic, ubiquitous, biotechnology.


The beneficial and multidisciplinary nature of biotechnology is highlighted. Contrary to the general belief that the impact of biotechnology is mainly limited to agricultural science in the area of animal, plant breeding, and tissue culture and the medical sciences in the area of gene therapy, production of bioactive products for the quick diagnosis and treatment of diseases, this paper discusses the use of biotechnology in other areas of human endeavours like computer science, physics, mathematics, law/legal studies, forensics, environmental sciences and toxicology, tourism, sociology and psychology, international relations, botany, technology and economics just to mention a few. In Nigeria and other developing countries where the application of biotechnology to our everyday living is still in
the early stage, this paper aims to emphasize the fact that biotechnology can be beneficial to all fields of life. This will further encourage multidisciplinary approaches and research collaborations in
biotechnology for the rapid development of our nation.

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eISSN: 1684-5315