Effect of Lawsonia inermis treatment on mice with sarcoma

  • ME Zumrutdal
  • M Ozaslan
  • M Tuzcu
  • ME Kalender
  • K Daglioglu
  • A Akova
  • ID Karagöz
  • IH Kilic
  • O Colak
  • F Köksal
Keywords: L. inermis, Ehrlich ascites tumour, Ehrlich ascites carcinoma, antitumoral.


Lawsonia inermis commonly is used as cosmetic material. However many studies had shown that L. inermis had antitumoural, antimicrobial and anti-tuberculostatic effects. The aim of this study was to
investigate whether L. inermis can destroy cancer cells by induction of apoptosis due to decreasing of intracellular H+ ion level or increasing intracellular free radicals and H2O2 levels in cancer cells as a
result of oxidative effect or not. We used 70 female Swiss albino mice and divided them into four groups. Group 1 was given only tap water. Group 2 was given only L. inermis. Group 3 was given Ehrlich ascites tumour (EAT) cells + tap water and Group 4 was given EAT + L. inermis. At the result of this study the thickness of subcutaneous lipid tissue, diameters of gluteal mass, the pH levels of gluteal mass, the GSH levels at the liver tissue samples and the MDA levels of the liver tissue samples of these groups were measured. This study showed that, L. inermis can be used as a supplementary agent for cancer treatment.

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eISSN: 1684-5315