Postharvest biology and technology research and development initiatives for Nigeria

  • SV Irtwange
Keywords: Post-harvest, biotechnology, research, development, Nigeria.


This paper presents summaries and major recommendations of ten published technical papers by the author in the field of post harvest biology and technology, which answers to developmental challenges
that will bring fundamental changes to society, including job creation and poverty reduction through creation of wealth and desirable opportunities. These papers are in the areas of developments in 1-
methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) post harvest technology research for fruits, vegetables, fresh-cut produce and ornamental products. The challenges of the Euro-Retailer Produce for Good Agricultural Practice
(EUREPGAP®) benchmarks in areas of traceability, records keeping, varieties and rootstocks, site, soils, fertilizer use, irrigation, fertigation, crop protection, harvest, post harvest and Health, Safety and
Environment (HSE) issues. The applications of biological control agents in pre- and post-harvest operations and modified atmosphere packaging and related technology in post harvest handling of fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition to the use of hot water treatment as a non-chemical alternative in keeping quality during post harvest handling of citrus fruits. Methods of keeping freshness in fresh-cut
horticultural produce, and finally the maturity, quality and marketing of fruits and vegetables. All these publications present unique opportunities for research and development initiatives for Nigeria in
particular and Africa in general.

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eISSN: 1684-5315