Production of organic acids in an immobilized cell reactor using Propionibacterium acidi-propionici

  • M Mohammadi
  • GD Najafpour
  • M Asadi
  • M Rahimnejad
  • S Najafpour
  • M Pazouki
Keywords: Enzyme, whole cell, immobilized cell reactor, bioreactor, entrapment.


Immobilized cell reactor (ICR) was developed as a novel bioreactor to convert hydrolyzed sugars to organic acids. Sugar fermentation by Propionibacterium acid-propionici entraped by calcium alginate
was carried out in continuous mode to produce propionic and acetic acids. In continuous fermentation, more than 90 percent of glucose conversion and 60 percent conversion of xylose were obtained at a retention time of 28 h. The present research has demonstrated that the microorganism preferred glucose as carbon source over other carbon sources. The highest sugar concentration (120 g/L) in the ICR column was successfully converted to propionic acid. The achieved results in ICR with high substrate concentration are promising for scale up operation.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315