Identification and characterization of Bms3a in Bombyx mori L.

  • X Jia-Ping
  • C Ke-Ping
  • L Ming-Hui
  • Y Qin
  • G Gui-Tian
  • Z Yuan
Keywords: BmNPV, Resistance, Bms3a, fluorescent differential display


Using fluorescent differential display (FDD) technique, we analyzed the differential expression of genes related to BmNPV resistance in highly resistant silkworm strain NB, highly susceptible silkworm strain
306 and near isogenic line 306NNZZ. Based on the differential display bands, a 609 bp fragment named C18609 was cloned and confirmed by Northern blot hybridization. The sequence was then electric extended by identified in NCBI ESTs. A novel gene was characterized and revealed to encode a putative BmS3a protein. Becasue it has high homology to some insect S3a protein, it was named s3a. S3a protein have been known to play crucial roles in protein synthesis, and is related to apoptosis. It is
differentially expressed in silkworm high resistance strain, high susceptible strain and BmNPV treated silkworms. Therefore, it is conceivable that BmS3a is involved in silkworm BmNPV resistance.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315