Clotting of cow (Bos taurus) and goat milk (Capra hircus) using calve and kid rennets

  • DG Libouga
  • E Ngah
  • YJ Nono
  • L Bitjoka
Keywords: Coagulum, cow, goat, milk clotting, proteolysis, rennet.


The ease to locally produce kid rennet contrary to that of calve has led us to compare the proteolytic and clotting activities of these two rennets depending on their action on goat (Capra hircus) milk and
cow (Bos taurus) milk. The proteolysis was measured by determining the increase of non-protein nitrogen according to the kjeldalh method and milk coagulation was monitored with the aid of a formagraph. Each rennet hydrolyses more completely the casein of its own specie. With cow milk, the coagulation, same as the curd firmness rate of the gels obtained were practically similar independent on the origin of rennet. With goat milk, the two rennet significantly influenced the coagulation and the curd firmness rate of the gel. It was concluded that contrary to goat milk, cow milk can be coagulated indifferently by calve or kid rennet. The hardening of its gel is independent of the type of rennet.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315