Is there Avocado sunblotch Viroid in Ghana?

  • AK Acheampong
  • R Akromah
  • FA Ofori
  • JF Takrama
  • M Zeidan
Keywords: Avocado sunblotch viroid, digoxygenin, dot blot hybridization


The prevalence of Avocado sunblotch Viroid (ASBVd) among Ghanaian accessions was investigated. One hundred and eighty five (185) symptomatic and symptomless avocado trees were tested by DIGdot
blot hybridization for the presence of ASBVd. One (0.01%) accession tested positive, 158 (85.8%) tested negative, while the results of the remaining 26 (14.1%) were inconclusive (herein referred to as
“possible carriers”). Only one true symptomless carrier of the viroid was identified. The viroid showed no geographical or topographical preferences. The positive and ”possible carriers” were evenly distributed around the country. The incidence of the disease in Ghana was found to be very low and hence steps must be taken to eradicate it and maintain a clean industry.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315