Morphogenetic traits combination pattern amongst the population of Ekpoma, Nigeria: Focus on tongue rolling, ear lobe attachment, blood groups and genotypes

  • AO Nwaopara
  • CIP Anibeze
  • FC Apkuaka
  • OF Agbontaen
Keywords: Morphogenetic traits, tongue rolling, ear lobe attachment, blood groups.


The ABO and Rh blood groups are among the most important blood group systems inherited variably amongst populations with different genotypes (AA, AS and SS). On the other hand, those who cannot
roll their tongue or have a free hanging ear lobe are said to be recessive and dominant for the traits, respectively. Indeed, there are growing concerns in genetic epidemiology that many findings are failing
to replicate because many of the claimed associations are false positive and these false positives are seen because of our inability to study many genetic variants in relation to many disease outcomes
without knowing the precise bio-cultural background of the groups being studied. This study is therefore a preliminary attempt to determine the pattern of combinations between these morphogenetic traits amongst 193 residents of Ekpoma, Nigeria, whose tongue rolling, earlobe attachment, blood group and genotype status were determined. The results suggest that certain morphogenetic traits combinations might be rare. Although seemingly ambitious, it is our believe that such results may one day play a role in ‘predictive human screening’ like the preliminary screening process for an emergency blood donation and transfusion, especially the rare blood types.

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eISSN: 1684-5315