Effect of soy protein isolate on quality of light pork sausages containing konjac flour

  • A Akesowan
Keywords: Sausage, Soy protein isolate, low-fat meat products, konjac flour


The effect of soy protein isolate (SPI) on quality characteristics of light pork sausages (10% fat) containing konjac flour was investigated. Three formulations which replaced for pork meat with SPI ranging 1 to 2% levels were studied for their physical and sensory properties. Incorporation of 2% SPI level significantly increased (p < 0.05) moisture content and cooking yield, while decreased purge loss of the sausages in relation to the control. Also, the sausages were less red and more yellow when the addition of SPI was not less than 1.5% level. Sensory results indicated that some quality attributes of light sausages such as juiciness and firmness can be improved by the addition of SPI. Both 2% SPI and control light sausages were darker and firmer and microbiologically safe after storage at 4-5°C for
4 weeks.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315